Mum gives birth to 6.4kg baby boy

Big baby Isaac.
Big baby Isaac. Photo: NoticiasCaracol

Women everywhere are crossing their legs at the news a baby boy has been born in Colombia, weighing a massive 6.4 kilograms (that's 14.1 pounds in the old language).

Isaac David Guerra Machacon was born at 10am on 2 December, to understandably surprised parents.

Isaac's mum and dad Diana and Jonathan had to buy new nappies and clothes for him because he was too big for everything they had bought. Isaac wears nappies made for five-month-old babies.

Diana said, "I really did not expect him to be this big. I mean, he looked big on the ultrasound scan, but I never imagined quite so large.

"I am over the moon and Isaac is so beautiful, but most of all I am happy because he is healthy."

Isaac was born at the Cienaga Polyclinic in the northern department of Magdalena, Colombia.

Gynaecologist Ana Maria Rivera Casas told local media that Isaac was born via caesarean and that his birth was without complications.

She said, "At first the baby recorded a little breathing difficulty and we had to monitor his blood sugar levels as episodes of hypoglycaemia are not uncommon in larger infants. But everything is now normal and the baby is feeding well."

Isaac's father Jonathan called him "a blessing from God".