Fed up mum has judge sign baby's eviction notice

Kaylee Bay with her newborn daughter Gretsel.
Kaylee Bay with her newborn daughter Gretsel. Photo: American Fork Hospital/Facebook

Pregnancy can be tough and at no time is this more apparent than in the final weeks, with many women trying all kinds of tricks to bring on labour.

Curries, raspberry leaf tea and long walks just weren't going to cut it for one fed up mum, who asked a judge to sign and serve her third baby an eviction notice.

What's more, it worked. Baby Gretsel Hansen was born just 12 hours after the signature was committed to paper by Judge Lynn Davis.

When Kaylee Bay of Provo, Utah experienced contractions two weeks before her due date on October 16, she "...thought for sure it was baby time," reported Deserert News. Much to her dismay, however, the pains stopped and she went to work the next day at Fourth District Court.

A little worse for wear for having prepped for the big moment, she asked Judge Lynn Davis to sign an eviction notice, a lighthearted distraction from the serious business of waiting it out.

An official document was produced in haste, addressed to the baby at 'Mommy Belly Lane,' with the judge ordering her to vacate, stating that '"Mommy is uncomfortable and running out of room for you! Too much heartburn and rib kicking, and I'm sick of waddling!!!" 

The baby was then "required to vacate the premises within three calendar days, counting weekends and holidays." If the baby did not comply, she was ordered to pay rent and damages.
In a Facebook post, the hospital said the judge was amused by the request. "He told Kaylee that in 31 years, this was the first time he'd ever been asked to sign an eviction notice for a fetus."
Much to her delight, Bays' contractions started up again and baby Gretsel arrived safely.
"It was just a running joke throughout the hospital all day," Bay said, adding that the judge was "tickled pink" that the fun gesture actually worked.
"I just think it's great that there are judges who have a great sense of humour, and we all get along wonderfully down here," said Bays.
"It's great that we have support and that kind of joking relationship within the courthouse."
She said the original document would be placed in Gretsel's baby book, with a framed copy to be hung on a wall.
Referencing her daughter's law-abiding obedience, Bays joked, "She didn't want to be in contempt of court."