'My mother-in-law stole our new baby's gifts and decorations and threw them in a donation bin'

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There are no shortage of horror mother-in-law stories.

However, one woman may have taken the cake after she stole her son and daughter-in-law's decorations and gifts before they even arrived home from the hospital, after giving birth to their first child.

Posting to Reddit, the new mum said her partner's mother has never liked her, even accusing her of cheating on him and initially claimed the baby isn't even his.

"She seems to think she is entitled to be a  part of every aspect of my fiancé life and that she must always come first in all situations," the woman wrote in the post, listing when they first got engaged and she was so furious they didn't tell her first that she threw a cake at them in her drive way.

"She has made my life a nightmare since we got together but it became much worse when I got pregnant," the new mum continued. "We have limited our contact with her as a result but she always seems to find a way to weasel back in."

However, things reached boiling point when they bought their new baby girl home from the hospital.

"My area is in full COVID lockdown, so both our families were not able to come to the hospital and will likely not be able to visit in person for a while," she explained. "My parents told me they planned to decorate the front of my house to welcome the baby home."

When she arrived home, there were no decorations, which she said she didn't think much of, assuming maybe they'd run out of time. So she was shocked when her mum rang her to ask how she liked the decorations and presents.

"I asked her what she was talking about and told her that there was nothing outside when I got home," she wrote, saying her mum went on to text her several pictures of the house covered in pink decorations with some presents.


"My mother told me one of the presents contained a little sweater knitted by my grandma that I wore as a baby," she continued sadly. "I had been looking forward to receiving this and passing it on to my daughter."

Her mother-in-law stole her baby's decorations.

Her mother-in-law stole her baby's decorations. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Explaining they live in a rural area, she asked her fiancé to check the security footage.

"He pulled up the footage and we were both shocked with what we saw." she wrote. "We saw his mother taking everything down and putting it all in her car. The footage was very clear and you can easily see her license plate in the video."

Her fiancé was 'livid; and immediately called his mum, who tried to deny it at first, before admitting what she had done.

"She claimed she was angry that she was not given the opportunity to decorate our house herself," the woman said.  "She said my family had insulted her by excluding her. She began to cry about how horrible we are to her."

"My fiancé was not having it," she continued. "He said she had one hour to bring everything back to our place or he would be called the police."

In response, his mum laughed at him and said she'd thrown everything into a donation bin.

"My fiancé has already driven around to several donation bins in the area to check but hasn't found anything yet," she said sadly. "My fiancé and I now agree that she will have no contact with our child in the future. I am beyond done with her and I just hope this is all over."

Reddit users agreed that they have every right to cut contact with the woman, with many urging her to file a complaint with the police.

"Press charges - if she escalates behaviour later you'll have proof she's crazy," one user responded.  "This isn't for you-  this is for your child. If she's this crazy already no telling what she will steal next because she feels left out."