Video: Baby gets adorably emotional when her mum sings

The premise is simple: a mum sings to her 10-month-old baby. But the resulting video is just so sweet, and not quite what you'd expect. 

The singing mum has been identified as Amanda Leroux, from Canada, and she sings her daughter Mary-Lynne a version of 'My Heart Can't Tell You No', originally by Rod Stewart. Her baby's tearful response is just beautiful.  

The video has been seen more than 5,600,000 times since October 18, showing that an emotive baby is a powerful thing.  

Leroux told Canada TVA that when Amanda was around eight months old, she realised that when she sang, her baby started showing a range of emotions - especially when she sang this song.  

"Don't worry, we're careful not to make her cry for nothing," she added.  

The mum also said that she only sings at home, as she's too embarrassed to sing in public. At least she's got an appreciative audience in her little girl.  

Watch the video above or on YouTube