TikTok mum tells on why parents shouldn't apologise for flying with kids: 'Insanely unreasonable'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

There are few things more daunting than flying with young kids. 

Not only are you worried about how they'll cope, it can also feel as if you have to shoulder the expectations of every other passenger that your baby stay quiet and happy throughout the duration of the flight. 

But as comedian Jennifer Fulwiler, a mum-of-six herself,  pointed out on TikTok, perhaps parents should stop apologising and let passengers deal with the reality that babies exist. 

In the now viral clip, Fulwiler explains that instead of apologising for flying with young children, parents should apologise that babies were not something others were 'used to'. 

"You know, in a lot of cultures, the sound of fussing babies is seen as a sign of abundance and God's blessing. Instead, our dumb postmodern culture sees babies as a burden," she says in the clip.

"We expect women not to bring their babies into public spaces like restaurants, churches or planes, or to get them to behave perfectly when they do. This philosophy is not only sad and the sign of a dying culture, but it places insanely unreasonable expectations on mums," she continues. 

Adding that a 'thriving culture' would be more welcoming to babies, and any inconveniences they may bring, and view their upbringing as a community effort. 

Before admonishing people for deriding mums, rather than supporting them


"So if my babies start melting down on this flight please know that I am way more stressed than you are and maybe just give me a kind smile that says: 'Hey girl, you're doing a great job. Your babies are welcome on this flight and we are all in this together'."

The clip drew plenty of support from other parents who had been publicly shamed for their babies crying.

"It's weird how people can't conceptualise they too were once crying babies and that babies are human beings," said one. "And all the mothers sat down and said amen," added another.

"I literally had a panic attack flying with my two-year-old last week because he had a meltdown," shared one mum. "I had to carefully planned kids. I'm not going to stay home just so psychopaths who hate children don't have to see them," argued a third.

Others shared how strangers had helped them when their kids were upset. 

"I cried on a flight with my 2 year old when the lady next to me pulled out her iPad and let him watch downloaded kids shows when he was upset," said one grateful mum.

Other though said planes should be child-free zones.

"Keep those kids at home," said one. "I'm a mother and honestly I would say prayers that babies don't end up near me," agreed another.

"But I paid for my ticket too. It's my trip too, why should I feel uneasy because your kid is unhappy? Travel by car, you won't force your life on others," one disgruntled TikToker chimed in.