Rockin' news: ALDI's most popular baby buy is back


If you're expecting a little one, then mark your calendars now: the ALDI nursing chair, the special buy that routinely has mums going off their rockers is back this Wednesday, July 22. 

The nursery must-have, which also converts into a standard chair, is on sale for $199.



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So what's the big deal? Is it really worth the effort?

Well, the numbers don't lie. Last year, after missing out on the rocking chair, some disappointed parents took to Gumtree willing to pay top dollar for the baby good. One woman even listed her successful acquisition for $350 after discovering it didn't fit her nursery.

"After queuing for hours, managing to get a chair and actually bring it home in its enormous box, it is too big for our space," she wrote. "So I am selling it and hey, my time and effort has to be worth something!!!"

She's not the only one singing its praises.


"Was given one as a gift. Love it use it every day with my babies," one woman posted on ALDI Mum.

"Love mine, looks gorgeous in the nursery and also love how it will convert in to a regular chair when I've finished with it as a rocker," said another.


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That said, if you're on the littler side, you might want to keep this review in mind: "I was lucky enough to get one, but quite disappointed in the rocking of this chair compared to other comparative designed alternatives. The angle is too high for both me (6ft) and my wife (5ft4) in order to effectively rock."

The rocking chair is the hot-ticket item in a catalogue of baby gear, which also includes Bonds Baby Wondersuits for $10.99, bibs, socks and lightweight travel stroller.

There's also a very cute children's table and chair set for $69.99

In a post to Instagram, popular account Aldi Lovers Au said she hoped bargain-hunters would be sensible amid COVID-19 restrictions.

"I would normally say "prepare for mayhem" but I hope that given the current situation (especially in VIC) people will act responsibly. If you don't "need" to be at ALDI next Wednesday consider going another day for example."

Read ALDI's COVID store-policy here