Parents fall asleep during newborn shoot: 'They got a much-deserved nap'

Photo: Facebook/Simply Joyful Moments Photography
Photo: Facebook/Simply Joyful Moments Photography 

Like most new parents, Cindhi and Ross Davis were completely and utterly sleep-deprived when they turned up for their newborn photography shoot with baby Theodore.

"They told me they were on about two hours of sleep that morning," Sarah Jankowski of Simply Joyful Moments Photography, tells Essential Baby.

After welcoming the pair to her studio, the doula and photographer from Columbus, Georgia, got to work posing baby Theo. In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, she shares what happened next. And it's oh-so relatable.

"My assistant whispered at me to turn around and I saw mum and dad snoozing on the couch during the session," she writes. "Every parent knows the sleep-deprived exhaustion that comes with having a newborn. We've all been there!  I'm so grateful they trusted me enough with their brand new little one that they were able to get in a much deserved nap."

Ms Jankowski told Essential Baby that the couple had no idea they fell asleep. "They were so surprised. But they said they were so happy they got in a nap and that they felt so refreshed."

And while it doesn't a lot, she said it's definitely not the first time new parents have crashed during a newborn shoot. "Normally it's just the dads that nod off or they're out for just a few minutes, but these sweet exhausted parents were sleeping for a good 45 minutes all snuggled up with each other," Ms Jankowksi

And the best was yet to come.

"Showing them the proofs a couple weeks later of the finished images was such a surprise for them", Ms Jankowksi said.  "They loved seeing them because they had no idea what photographs I took."

The snap, taken by her assistant Amanda Walker, has since gone viral, an experience the photographer describes as overwhelming "but in a good way."
"I did not expect it at all!" she says. "It was such a honest adorable moment that I had to share, and so many parents can empathise. I have four kids myself, so I completely remember how exhausted I was those first few weeks."