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Babies love to look at faces, and gazing at their own in a toy mirror is no exception!

Toys for all senses

From the moment your baby is born, they start using their senses to learn about the wonderful world around them.

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During tummy time, your newborn will enjoy seeing the world from a different perspective

How to play with your newborn

Even though they're immobile and can't speak, there are plenty of ways you can engage and communicate with your newborn to stimulate their physical, cognitive and emotional development.

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How to play with your baby

The first time your child learns a new skill at playtime is very exciting - for both you and your baby! Play is important to your child's development for a variety of reasons - here are some simple ideas for you to try at home.

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Get out the pots and pans!

The importance of music play

Even in the womb, music can help build an emotional connection between you and your child. As your baby grew inside you, they became used to your voice, and you might even have sung to your unborn child or played soothing music.

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6 ways to help your baby learn at bedtime

Bedtime might not seem like the most natural choice for a baby to learn new things, but a new study suggests it's the best time for them to develop memories and retain new behaviours.

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