6-12 Months

Baby's First Year Guide

This is a month by month guide to your Baby's First Year. It covers milestones and development, sleeping, babycare, immunisation reminders, feeding and more.

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How a baby learns to stand

Baby's First Year - Month 10

Baby likes to strengthen his legs and will now try to stand up, grabbing anything nearby for support. Baby is practising for that magical first step. As baby's activity levels increase we have suggested some action games baby will enjoy. Your baby has soft, delicate skin, below are tips on how to care for it.

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Baby's First Year - Month 11

Baby can be offered lumpy food at this age, even if baby has been slow to get her first teeth. It is good for baby's jaw and speech development to learn to chew with her gums. A baby that refuses lumpy foods might prefer to try finger foods. If baby is not yet exploring everything she will be very soon, make sure your house has been baby proofed.

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Happy 1st Birthday

Baby's 12th month: stages of development

Your twelve month old baby’s understanding of words, sounds and other people’s emotions all go hand in hand as she listens and responds to people she sees often.

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