6-12 Months

Baby's First Year Guide

This is a month by month guide to your Baby's First Year. It covers milestones and development, sleeping, babycare, immunisation reminders, feeding and more.

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When your baby starts crawling

Once I overcame the thrill of my baby meeting a new developmental landmark, I realised the practical implications of living with a crawler were not so sparkly.

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Parenting an early walker

Watching your child take their first wobbly steps is one of the best parenting highs you'll ever experience. But with that high comes a new reality.

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Crawling baby

Not crawling? Don't worry

Among the most pesistent myths about infancy is the idea that crawling matters. However there is no scientific study that links not crawling to any negative outcomes. None.

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Baby's First Year - Month 9

Being a mum is often described as the toughest job in the world but also the most rewarding. We have included below some tips on how to get some often much needed instant energy. Baby adores your attention and we have some handy games for you to play together. This age is also one of potential accidents as baby starts to move around. Read below what you can do to avoid your little one being injured.

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Imitation and baby babble

Baby's First Year - Month 12

Happy birthday and congratulations! You have made it through the first year with your baby which is often said to be the most exhausting but also incredibly rewarding. The first birthday party is very often for the parents to celebrate this great achievement! Your baby is moving rapidly into toddlerhood and you will be noticing significant changes. We have some tips for you here.

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Baby's First Year - Month 7

Your baby is developing his own personality and may also start to show the first signs of separation anxiety. It's a good idea to get baby used to close family members if you want some time to yourself. You can slowly introduce more foods to your baby being careful to watch for any reactions. If your baby is an early riser we have some tips to get you more sleep.

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Baby's First Year - Month 8

Many parents are quite fascinated by their baby's poo and you will be noticing a few changes since she has been on solids. We have some tips below on what to do if your baby is constipated and what to look for. Your baby may also have cut some teeth. It is important to care for them from early on. Baby will need more cuddles and attention if she is finding teething uncomfortable.

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