The six-month-old walking her way into the Guinness Book of World Records - literally

Photo: Caters / YouTube
Photo: Caters / YouTube 

Many parents are convinced their baby is advanced, but seven-month-old Freya Minter's parents can be absolutely sure of it. 

The UK tot spontaneously started walking on March 25 aged just six-and-a-half months, making her potentially the youngest female walking baby on record.

Children typically walk at around 12 months, with some variation either side of this milestone. The earliest walkers tend to begin around the ten month mark, however Freya has trumped this by a large margin.

Mum Grace says Freya was trying to stand at just two months of age. She told Essex Gazette that Freya could sit unaided at four months adding, "About that time she also started walking but holding our fingers. Now, she will just see something and dive for it."

Don't believe it could be true? Watch this little dynamo in action below.

Grace and her husband Ryan were understandably astonished by their daughter's early physical abilities.

"We were completely surprised when she started walking. I knew she would be quick but not that quick. It's unbelievable," said Grace.

"Her face was priceless when she took her first two steps, she had the cheekiest grin, Ryan and I couldn't believe it."


Freya has been enjoying swimming lessons since six weeks of age and never naps during the day. "She isn't happy if she's just chilling. She has to be doing something," Grace says of her active baby adding, "She constantly wants to be on the move, we have a little Staffy and she loves following him around."

The parents are being urged to submit Freya to the Guinness Book of Records for potential inclusion. There have been reports of baby boys having walked at six months, but according to Grace, Freya could be the first girl on record.

It not all fun and games, however. A mobile baby this young needs constant vigilant supervision.

"She has completely skipped crawling and has walked straight away but she hasn't quite mastered how to get around things yet, she tries to go over them," says Grace.

"We need eyes at the back of our heads now as she is so quick and always wants to be involved."

No doubt she'll be driving by age five and off to university at ten. Make sure you make a mental note of the name Freya Minter she may have a few more records up her teeny tiny sleeve.


Photo: YouTube