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baby sleep

Baby sleep: what's working for us

I always thought this kind of thing wasn't for me - or for us. However, with Jasmin, I honestly couldn't see any other way of making things change.

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When sleep training goes wrong

Although sleep training seemed to be a success for Alice’s first baby, the experience with her second baby was vastly different – and so was the outcome.

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How a week at sleep school changed my life

I’m sure I knew to expect sleep deprivation and stress, but the reality of having a baby who didn’t sleep was one of the most isolating and exhausting experiences of my life.

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Research now provides evidence that singing lullabies actually lowers babies’ anxiety, heart rates and perception of pain.

Study: Singing soothes babies’ pain

Most of us probably sing to our babies to soothe them, or to help them sleep. But a new story shows that it's doing other good things for them, too.

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Baby. Sleeping baby. Dummy. 3 months.

The truth about baby sleep

We all want our babies to sleep… because when they sleep so do we. How do you know which method is right for you and your baby?

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