SleepWellBaby: new 'baby whisperer' app to help sleep-deprived parents

Photo: SleepWellBaby app (Supplied)
Photo: SleepWellBaby app (Supplied) 

A new all-in-one app billed as a pocket "baby-whisperer", will draw on years of experience from experts, and help sleep-deprived parents of newborns and toddlers.

Now available to download, SleepWellBaby is a collaboration between 100-year-old not-for-profit child and family health organisation Tresillian, digital health company Sleepfit, and health insurer HCF.

Along with sleep and settling tips, the app also offers guidance on breastfeeding and nutrition, as well as daily rhythms tailored for each age and developmental stage. Parents can access a digital version of the Tresillian residential-stay program and tracking tools to help monitor their child's progress. 

Tresillian CEO Robert Mills said the app draws on the team's experience of assisting almost 60,000 Australian families every year.

"We're thrilled to be able to open our evidenced-based programs to families across Australia and beyond," says Mr Mills. "The SleepWellBaby app is a welcome addition to our expanding portfolio of services across NSW, Victoria and the ACT – and as of today, everywhere else!"


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As well as experts, the app drew on feedback from 600 families, with Sleepfit CEO and Founder Melissa Webster calling it a "game-changer".

"Tresillian's early parenting programs have transformed hundreds of thousands of lives – including mine," said Ms Webster. "Having had first-hand experience, it became a passion and priority for me to combine Tresillian's expertise with Sleepfit's medical and digital expertise to create the SleepWellBaby app."

For 23-year old Sydney mum Tiahn Nemec, the app has been a "life-saver" as she battled "little to no sleep" after the birth of her five-month-old daughter, Allaria.


"Before I've started using the SleepWellBaby app my daughter's sleep was greatly affecting my life," she tells Essential Baby. "My daughter didn't sleep well day or night so it meant I could never catch up on sleep. I was not only suffering from physical exhaustion and extreme fatigue, but it has also affected my mental health, causing brain fog, mood swings and anxiety."

Ms Nemec notes that using the app has helped her feel more confident as a first-time mum. "With tracking sleeps and feeds you can easily see patterns starting to form with the program. You can share all of this with your partner, grandparents or childcare provider. Everyone can follow along with your little one."

The mum says that along with perseverance, research and the help of the SleepWellBaby app the family's sleep has greatly improved. "I am more aware of my daughter's tiredness signs and we act on them quickly to avoid her getting over tired," she says. "She is now settling well at night and sleeping for longer stretches between waking for feeds. Her day naps have also improved"

Also co-owner of a nanny agency, Ms Nemex says she also sees the app as being a great way for parents and carers to "stay on the same page." "You can share the information you have logged with your partner, your child's grandparents or their childcare provider," she notes.

The first 700 HCF members to download the app and register an account will receive free access to the SleepWellBaby 'Once for All' program. All subsequent HCF members, who register before 31 December 2020 will receive 20 per cent off.

You can find SleepWellBaby at either the Apple or Android app store. All plans commence with a free three-day trial and a portion of sales go to Tresillian to help families in need.