A day in the life of a mum surviving on no sleep

The newest tech helping alleviate the stress and uncertainty of becoming a new mum.
The newest tech helping alleviate the stress and uncertainty of becoming a new mum. Photo: Supplied

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Now I know this is as about as obvious as it gets, but it is absolutely exhausting being a new mum. Or any kind of mum, for that matter.

But there's something particularly tiring about the early days.

For those first-time mums it's the sheer shock of the sleep deprivation. It's not even so much the minutes or hours of sleep you get – which are few. Nope, it's the realisation that this tiny human alarm clock never stops blaring. If only there was a snooze button.

Spoiler alert: you will sleep again. I just can't tell you when!

For mums of second, third, or fourth kids, it's a different kind of fatigue.

You know what's coming, so in a way those early days of constantly waking don't sting quite the same, but you can likely add in other reasons to wake. A toddler asking for milk, getting night terrors, or the dreaded gastro.

There are so many night-time variables that sleep becomes this kind of beautiful, hazy memory.

It goes without saying that whatever you can do to keep the kids slumbering, you will. White noise? Sure, take those Amazonian jungle sounds. Dummy? All yours, baby.


Mums will do just about anything to ensure those babies get as much sleep as is possible. So, from one mum to another, here are some of my best tips to survive those early days.

1. Embrace pram life

With my first baby, I was all-consumed by getting him to sleep in his bassinet. I'd read that it was so important for him to develop a sleep routine, and to learn to self-settle – at four weeks old.

Fast forward to baby number three, and I can tell you, I embrace whatever sleep this baby can get.

Sure, it's good for them to learn to self-soothe but that all comes later, and it's equally important for you to get some peace and quiet too. If that means popping bub in the pram and going for a walk to your local coffee shop for an extra, extra-large takeaway flat white while they snooze, then do it.

If your baby loves a nap in the carrier, strap it on and let them have a kip while you potter around the house. More important than a routine is the health, wellbeing and safety of you and baby.

2. Lights out

If you can, try and keep your baby's room nice and dark as they transition into their own space and big cot. Even though they're small, helping the babes differentiate between bright awake time and dim sleepy time can make a difference as they get bigger.

Investing in a black-out blind that you can pull down makes transforming the room for sleep time super quick and easy. Plus, you can still hang cute curtains over the top, so you don't have to sacrifice style.  

3. Take control of their temperature

The season your babe is born in can make a difference to sleep. If your bundle arrives in winter, it's about figuring out layering, sleep suits and keeping room at a steady temperature.

My first was a cool-weather baby and I found a small oil heater kept the room at the ideal temperature without fluctuating.

Summer babies, like my second, are even trickier. It's important to keep little babies cool, both for the best chance at them getting a good night's sleep but also importantly for their safety. How you dress your baby in summer is key.

Products like Bonds' new Wondercool Zippys are one way to ensure both you and baby get a good night's sleep. Its new technology has been designed with adaptive cooling fabric to keep your baby's skin cooler while they snooze, which means more peace of mind and hopefully some decent shut-eye for you too.

4. Snuggle while they snooze

Lastly, don't be afraid to cuddle them a bit while they kip – especially while they're small. Are you so sick of people telling you how fast it goes yet?

I know it's the broken record new mums must listen to on loop, but it's all so darn fleeting. There's time for sleep training and routines to come.

Embrace those snuggles while you can, but just make sure you have snacks and a remote control within reach, and eliminate the risks around co-sleeping by moving bub back to their own safe cot if you start to feel sleepy.

The Bonds WonderCool range has been designed to give bubs the comfiest, safest sleep and peace of mind for parents and is the perfect addition to bubs' wardrobe. Its Xtemp technology actively works to keep your bubs' skin cooler while being kind to the environment, with its "oh so soft" Aussie Cotton.