Tattoo sleeves for babies and toddlers with attitude

Some of the tattooed baby onesies available.
Some of the tattooed baby onesies available. Photo: TatTude

Full sleeve tattoos for babies and toddlers are taking off, all thanks to one woman's creative clothing line. 

A North Dakota mum, Tera, has released her new label, TotTude, which has fabric sleeves added to outfits to give the illusion of tattoos. Her fabric tattoo designs have been added to onesies for babies and t-shirts for older children. 

The tattoos come on Tshirts and onesies.
The tattoos come on Tshirts and onesies. Photo: TatTude

The designs feature hearts, barbed wire and flames and can be customised with cute slogans like "I Love Mum". 

As a professional photographer, Tera wanted to offer children clothing to match their fun personalities when they were photographed and said childrens' clothing was often boring.

"Having been a professional children's photographer for 10 years, I've seen hundreds of kids come to my studio," she explains on TotTude. 

"While the kids are always fun and adorable, sometimes their clothes are boring and the same old thing over and over again. I heard countless times from mums how they wish there were more clothing options out there." 

A mum of four girls, Tera began making petti-dresses for girls, Then, she said, "I had lots of mums begging me to come up with something unique for boys, and I found it in tattoo sleeve shirts." 

The shirts and onesies are 100 per cent jersey cotton, and the sleeves are a nylon/spandex blend that are "comfy, breathable, and rad". They also come in sizes for older children. 

The tattoo outfits and sleeves have proved very popular, but it's only the start, according to Tera.

"I have a lot of other ideas swirling around in my head, and I'm so excited for the future of my clothing line," she said.