'It's like a little party hat for the pee-pee': Anne Hathaway on Pee-pee Teepees

Ellen tries to understand the workings of the Peepee Teepee
Ellen tries to understand the workings of the Peepee Teepee Photo: Ellen Tube

If you're the mum of a baby boy, chances are you've come across the Pee-pee Teepee at some point in your travels. Designed to make nappy changes "dry and easy", some parents swear by them when it comes to avoiding unexpected spray at the change table.

I was given a bag of Pee-pee Teepees when I was pregnant with my son, and to be honest, while I thought the idea was hilarious in theory, in practice they were probably a little more trouble than they were worth. Between grabbing wipes, holding bub down with one hand so he didn't roll off the table and negotiating wriggling legs, it was just one extra thing to co-ordinate.

Which is why Anne Hathaway, attempting to explain the mechanics of the Pee-pee Teepees on Ellen had me in hysterics. 

Appearing on the talk show with her Colossal co-star and father-of-two Jason Sudeikis, Hathaway beamed as she talked about her son, Jonathon, who has just turned one.

As the stars compared the differences between nappy changes for boys versus girls - "it's all in the direction of the wipe" - and, of course, the risk of being sprayed, Ellen quipped: "I would wear one of those welding masks, in case it happens, so I wouldn't have to dodge and weave."

"They do have Pee-pee Teepees," Hathaway said.

"The teepee goes on the pee-pee?" Ellen responded, clearly confused.


"The teepee goes on the pee-pee, so that way, when the pee-pee happens, the teepee absorbs it," Hathaway explained.

"So it looks like a little party hat, on the pee-pee," Sudeikis added. "Why don't they have those for adults?"

"Who wouldn't want a party hat for their pee-pee," says Ellen.

Watch the very funny exchange here: