Couple shows off their magical Harry Potter-themed nursery

Attention Harry Potter fans – here's the nursery of your dreams.

New parents Kaycee and Casey Daniel worked with artist Nate Baranowski to create an amazing Potter-filled room. Featuring portraits of Hogwarts characters on the walls, a Gryffindor blanket, house-themed bunting and even an owl in the window, no detail was missed.

"Our Harry Potter nursery is finally complete after several months of planning! I absolutely love the way everything turned out!" Daniel wrote in a Facebook post.

"As I sit here rocking our little man to sleep it's like I am in Hogwarts!"

Kaycee said that her husband had always wanted a Potter-themed nursery but that she hadn't been so sure at first.

"But after him showing me some ideas, I came around to the idea," she told the Huffington Post.

The project took three months to complete, and 3D artist Baranowski spent five days painting the nursery.

So what happens if their son, now 7 months old, grows up to not be a fan of J.K. Rowling's work?  

"I hope to keep the room for several years. If our little man grows to hate it, we would move him to our other bedroom and make this our guest room," Kaycee told Mashable.

"If he is anything like his father, he is going to love it and never want to leave!"