Bugaboo unveils its new Bugaboo Bee5: available March 2017

The new Bugaboo Bee5.
The new Bugaboo Bee5. 

The lightweight and compact Bugaboo Bee has been on the scene for a decade now. This long-lived and favoured model - especially among urbanites - has seen improvements and updates that respond to the demands of modern parents, who want functionality as well as beauty.

Bugaboo has just unveiled its brand new Bugaboo Bee5, with a whole host of improvements including a staggering one hundreds new parts. Those Bugaboo designers sure do earn their money. This version offers parents 15 new colours and materials including patterned fabrics, core colours and new muted tones (olive green and dark red) in time for winter. Also available are the premium melange colours.

There is a new Signature Collection; Botanic and Wave print fabrics for the seat, bassinet and sun canopy. The look of the Bugaboo Bee5 is absolutely customisable to suit your tastes.

We know that looks aren't all that matter so let's get down to the nitty gritty. The new seat is much more padded, making for a more cosy carriage for your little one. And once you commit to a seat colour, you're now free to change your mind - the seat fabric removes entirely so you can update the look and machine wash with ease.

The handlebar now features a leather-look grip and the front wheels and suspension system have had a radical revamp and redesign in order to improve handling and comfort. Bugaboo also let us know that the wheels are now designed to repel dust, so that wheel and axel function is not impaired by it.

The adaptor system has also been done away with, so you can now attach the wheeled board, cup holder and parasol directly onto the chassis.

Prices start at $1079 for the new model and it will be available globally from March 2017. Go forth and enjoy this snazzy new model.