Mum shares terrifying warning after walking in on her 'blue and totally unresponsive' baby

Photos: Mum-of-two, Annie Kathleen shared her terrifying experience on Instagram.
Photos: Mum-of-two, Annie Kathleen shared her terrifying experience on Instagram. 

Early last week, Annie Kathleen experienced 'every parent's worst nightmare.'

The New South Wales mum was at home with her two young children, including her beautiful 10-week-old newborn son, Banjo. 

By chance, she went to check on him while he was taking a nap. 

Photo: Baby Banjo was rushed to her hospital after his mum performed life-saving CPR skills. Instagram @pearrl_
Photo: Baby Banjo was rushed to her hospital after his mum performed life-saving CPR skills. Instagram @pearrl_ 

"He had only been down for about 10 to 15 minutes, but given he was a little sick I thought I would just double check," Annie wrote on a heartbreaking Instagram post, alongside a photo of her little boy in hospital. 

"Instead of an adorable sleeping baby, I found a blue and totally unresponsive 10-week-old."

While Annie was completely overwhelmed and numb with shock, fortunately the terrified mum knew CPR and immediately launched into action.

"He needed multiple rounds of CPR and several ambulances rushed to our house," she continued. "Thankfully he started to breathe again and remained stable.

"We were taken straight to Emergency and stayed in Resuscitation for some time (a scary place to see your baby) before spending a few nights in hospital for monitoring."

The mum-of-two decided to share her story as an important reminder for all parents to equip themselves with life-saving CPR skills.


"Had I not known how to do CPR and help him immediately this may have been a very different ending," she warned. "It's something that you think you'll never need to do, particularly not on your child, but knowing CPR saved our baby's life."


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According to Annie, Banjo currently has RSV and Adenovirus.

"While they are both pretty common viruses, though in premature babies and babies under three months (he is both) it can be dangerous," she tells Essential Baby. "In some babies their bodies respond to RSV is to have an apnea while sleeping which is what Banjo's body did."

Annie explained that her little boy is home and recovering and thanked all the 'wonderful nurses, ambos, doctors and everyone else' who looked after them.

"Mumma's nerves are slightly shot and it will be a while until he is out of my sight but we are all ok," she reassured her followers. 

"If you don't know how to do CPR or you feel a little rusty, it's time to learn," she concluded her post. "Find a local course or look up a fact sheet. Hopefully it's something you never have to use, but it could save a life."

Her friends and followers thanked the brave mum for sharing her story and for the important reminder. 


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"Oh my. This is terrifying. Thank goodness he is fine and well. Thank you for the reminder," commented one. 

"This story is the stuff of nightmares," said another.

"I just can't imagine how terrifying this situation was," said Tiny Hearts Education who also shared the mum's post wth their followers. "Sending live your way and incredible effort for knowing what to do xxx."

Tiny Hearts also shared details of their baby first aid courses for parents.

"You can learn CPR (and other life saving topics) with us:
- Online
- Face to face (we can come to you or come to our venues in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, Canberra, Cairns, Gold Coast, Brisbane)

"You'll never regret preparing for the just in case. This is why we do what we do."

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