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Raising a vegetarian baby

Many people choose to live a vegetarian lifestyle for health and ethical reasons, yet question whether they should raise their children accordingly. Ultimately it’s a personal choice, however with the right planning, it is perfectly possible to provide an adequate vegetarian diet to an infant or toddler.

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Happy mealtime

Happy family mealtimes

When you have young children, the family table can feel like a battleground – fussy eating leads to arguments which often end in tantrums. It’s not fun for anyone. Here’s how to regain some control and make mealtimes happy again.

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Does my baby need organic food?

The choice of food you introduce to your baby is a personal one. We all want what’s best for our baby, especially when it comes to food.

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Baby-led weaning

Cherie Lyden

Baby-led weaning

Baby-led weaning (BLW) is a method of weaning that allows a baby to take control and self-feed solid food from the beginning of weaning.

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Sneaky cooking with vegies

Sneaky cooking – how to hide vegies in everyday food

It’s common for toddlers – and older kids – to refuse whole food groups like vegetables. But with some clever cooking techniques you can hide vegies in everyday food by camouflage and blending. Here are a few tips and recipe ideas…

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Home-made food is best for baby

It seems home-made baby food is the best health option and the cheapest in today's economic climate. Fiona Purdon reports

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Toddler food

Toddler snack ideas

The little engine of a toddler is constantly burning fuel, and your toddler will benefit from small meals spaced out during the day. Healthy, fun snacks will provide toddlers with energy to burn. Here are some great snack ideas.

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