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Pineapple and mango puree

This summery puree can be refrigerated in individual containers for up to one week, or frozen for up to six months.

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Raising an adventurous eater

The idea of my child exclusively eating the so-called "beige diet" made my stomach churn. So what could my wife and I do to help raise an adventurous eater? I asked the experts.

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What 8030 babies taught me about healthy eating

The lessons learned from a recent study have got me thinking about what I teach my little boy about food. But the big surprise is what babies are teaching me about my own eating habits, too.

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Training tiny taste buds

Commercial baby food has stepped up a notch, but how good is at teaching tiny palates to eat a broad range of healthy foods?

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Is baby-led weaning best?

Not only is the timing of introducing solids important for future health, research shows that how babies are introduced to solids may also have an impact on their future habits and health.

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Melanie Gill

Into the mouths of babes

It was only a matter of time before the idea of gourmet baby food caught on in Australia. The surprise is that it took a non-parent and fine-dining chef to come up with the concept.

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First tastes on film a hit

A short film has captured children trying a range of foods for the first time, with some very funny - and sweet - results.

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Choosing organic baby foods

Parents want the best for their baby, and when it comes to buying baby food, more parents are choosing organic – even though it means paying a premium. But some of these organic foods contain more real food than others, and it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting.

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Medical experts and breastfeeding advocates are debating the best age to start solids.

The battle of the breast

While doctors recommend that parents give their children solid foods from four months in an attempt to lower allergy rates, breastfeeding advocates are concerned it will reduce the already low number of Australian mums who breastfeed.

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