Baby Food



Mince beef & sweet potato burgers

Adapt the family meal to meet your baby’s different developmental stages - and adjust the ingredients and flavours to reflect your preferred cuisine or cultural background.

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Beef & sweet potato pie

When you first introduce beef and lamb to your baby, these simple recipes will help get you started.

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First vege puree

Root vegetables have a naturally sweet taste so are perfect for puree baby food.

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Avocado and banana puree

Raw fruits are best since none of the nutrients are lost in cooking. You can combine two different fruits together when you make this weaning recipe.

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First apple puree

Apples are ideal first fruits as they are easy to digest and unlikely to cause allergies.

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Pineapple and mango puree

This summery puree can be refrigerated in individual containers for up to one week, or frozen for up to six months.

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