Baby Food


Chicken nuggets from <i>Food Babies Love</i>.

Chicken nuggets: food babies love

These delicious nuggets make great finger food and can be served with dips, diced vegies or just about anything you fancy. Being baked, not fried, they are much healthier than commercially prepared options.

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Banana balls from <i>Food Babies Love</i>.

Banana balls: food babies love

Your baby will love you for these! Like a piece of cake in a ball, they are clean to eat and extremely moreish. They're also great for anyone with egg allergies.

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Author Emily Dupuche and her children.

Creating food babies and toddlers love

Emily Dupuche was inspired to write a recipe book after becoming a mum to twins. Here, she shares her story and great recipes from her book, Food Babies Love.

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Beef & vegie pasta salad

This recipe can be changed to suit your child's developmental stage - you can make it silky smooth, lumpy, finger food or suitable for toddlers.

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