6 handy apps for new parents

A range of apps can help make the first months of parenthood a little less daunting.
A range of apps can help make the first months of parenthood a little less daunting. Photo: Getty Images

Being a new mum is an exciting, but daunting experience. Decades and decades ago we would have looked towards our own mothers and aunts for advice and assistance, and then came the 1970s and 80s, which saw the rise of the parenting manual.

Today though, with families separated by time and distance and almost everyone owning a smart phone, we find ourselves turning to apps. But with a plethora of apps available at the swipe of a finger, it's hard to know where to start.

We've got the low down on six of the most popular and useful apps available today, specifically designed for new mums.

The Baby Diaries

Hugely popular, this all-in-one app is full of features to track and record your baby's routines, growth and development.

The features include:

  • baby tracker: this keeps track of sleeping, milk feeds, solid feeds, nappy changes and routines, all in one place
  • baby milestones: record each developmental milestone including date, time and even a photo
  • graph feature: see your baby's trends in one easy-to-read graph (great for showing your health care professional)
  • multiple profiles so it's suitable for twins
  • notes: you can keep a log of things along the way as they come to mind
  • Bluetooth sync function: great for syncing with nannies and care providers.

Price: free (plus+ version $2.49)

Platform: iPhone & iPad, Android available soon


Visit thebabydiaries.com.au.


This is another user-friendly all-in-one app that tracks feeding and growth. It also includes the latest professional baby care tips.

The features enable you to:

  • track breastfeeding routines, including the last feed and which breast it came from (it also covers bottle feeding)
  • record baby's growth (weight, height and head size), and compare these stats to World Health Organization standards
  • view graphs and statistics, including an export data function
  • manage your baby's routines with the 'Baby Diary' feature
  • browse professional care tips
  • run multiple profiles at one time.

Price: free

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Visit Babyroo at the iTunes store

Sound Sleeper

Get your baby to sleep and to stay asleep with this 'white noise' app. The real, life-like sounds will help soothe and calm your baby.

The features include:

  • different modes, including play mode (sound), listen mode (turns on when baby cries) and sleep track mode (tracks sleep patterns)
  • real sounds including rain, ocean, nature, womb, vacuum and hair dryer
  • an option to record your own baby's sounds.

Price: free (bonus functions can be purchased within app)

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Visit Sound Sleeper on the iTunes store.

Baby Pack & Go

Heading out with a new bub can cause all sorts of anxiety, but with this app you'll be out and about in no time. Designed like a mini-organiser with lots of handy check lists, this app will help you sort out everything you need.

The features include:

  • an extensive packing travel checklist
  • the ability to create different lists for different outings eg. playgroup, childcare, health nurse visit, holiday etc
  • ready-made lists, or the option to create your own
  • an automated tasks reminder system
  • a personal organiser to track feeding and sleep times
  • different list options for multiple children.

Price: $1.29

Platform: iPhone & iPad, Android

Visit babypackandgo.com.

SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping

Developed by the SIDS and Kids, this app has been designed to provide expert information on how to sleep your baby safely while reducing the risk of sudden unexpected death in infants.

The features include:

  • advice on information on safe sleeping procedures
  • information on 'tummy time' and safe wrapping
  • FAQs section
  • links to SIDS and Kids website for further support.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone & iPad, Android

NB: An additional app, "SIDS and Kids Cot-to-Bed Safety" is also available for free.

Visit sidsandkids.org/safe-sleeping/.

Baby Karaoke

New mums and dads can certainly be forgiven for having forgotten the words to old nursery rhymes and simple children's songs, but this app will have you singing along and crooning lullabies in no time.

The features include:

  • nursery rhymes and children's songs accompanied by bright, colourful animations
  • lyrics appearing on screen  
  • a 'play all' function.

Price: free

Platform: iPhone & iPad, Android

Visit raisingchildren.net.au.