'You can do it Dada': Toddler delivers most adorable motivational speech of 2020

D'Anthony Ward and Taj.
D'Anthony Ward and Taj. Photo: Instagram

Sometimes you need a motivational speech to get you through the day, and sometimes that speech is best delivered by a toddler.

D'Anthony Ward got an adorable pep talk when he took his son Taj, two, to the park for a play.

When they got to the playground Taj decided he didn't want to play alone, insisting his father join him at the top of a small climbing wall.

However, when his dad said he was "too big" to climb the wall, Taj launched into the cutest (and most encouraging) speech we've seen.

"You can do it, Dada! You can do it," Taj, who thought his dad was too afraid to climb, said.

"I can't. I'm too big," Ward replied.

"You can do it! You put your foot right here," Taj said, trying to coach his father how to climb up.

"Climb to me!"


Taj wouldn't take no for an answer, continuing to cheer his dad on.

"I know you can! Come on, you can do it!" he said, finishing with "let's go down the slide together!"

Fans loved the adorable video, many saying the cute clip brightened their day.

"Awwww Taj!! My eyes are sweating! I need to save this for my most challenging days," one user wrote.

"He's obviously had this encouragement spoken into him and is just reflecting it back. So beautiful!" gushed another.

Talking to TODAY, Ward said he always tries to be positive around his son.

"It's how I talk to him. I'll say, 'Come on, you can do it'," Ward explained. "He repeats everything he hears from me. Those lines are exactly what I say to him."

"He has an awesome vocabulary and is very extroverted," he continued. "I think he is like me times ten."