Toilet training in winter

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girl toilet 


If there’s one piece of advice you hear when talking about toilet training, it’s that there’s an optimal season to do it: summertime.

There are a few advantages to starting the process when it’s warmer, but the main one would be that the warmer weather allows your child to run around with less clothes on, making it quicker and easier for them to get on the potty or toilet without any accidents. 

But there’s no need to stop thinking about toilet training just because the temperature is dropping: winter is a good a time as any to start your child’s journey.

Mum of two Sarah Carlson says that she didn’t really have a choice when her eldest daughter, Macy, started toilet training at two years and seven months.

“It was mid-July and we were in the middle of selling our house when she seemed to decide she wanted to be out of nappies – not great timing!” she says. “But she was ready and it only ended up taking a few weeks. Winter didn’t really seem to have an impact on her at all.”

Natalie Banks, a mum of three, says she scheduled her eldest child’s toilet training journey around a few other family milestones.  

“We tried to get Charlie interested when he was younger, in the summer, but he just wasn’t into it, so we just let it go. Then his little sister arrived, so that really wasn’t the right time then either,” she says.

By the time Charlie was showing signs of readiness, his little sister was a few months old – and the weather had turned cold. It didn’t matter, though, Natalie says.


“Of course we had a fair few accidents, but it was no big deal. I actually think he took a shorter time to [toilet train] than his sisters, because he was so ready for it.”

Essential Baby members who toilet trained in the cooler months have a few basic pieces of advice. Many recommend buying a few cheap pairs of spare tracksuit pants: as clothes can take longer to dry in winter, you’ll need some spare pairs handy in case of accidents. Tracksuit pants are also easier to pull up and down than jeans or pants with buttons or belts.

And if winter isn’t too cold in your part of Australia, you can just pop your child in a warm shirt and jumper, with pull-ups training pants. That way, they can still get onto the potty without much difficulty.

As always, it's important to just take your time and be patient. If it's not working now, you can put toilet training on the back burner and try it again once your child has matured a little more. Take heart - it will happen eventually, no matter what time of year they get the hang of this important step.

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