Toddler tackles toilet training head on - literally

 Photo: North-West Evening Mail

Toilet training your toddlers is hard enough, but this little girl took it to a whole new level when her toilet booster seat got stuck around her neck.

Two-year-old Kara Barlow decided it would be fun to use her plastic booster seat as a necklace. Except, while it was easy for her to slip it over her head, it wouldn't come back off again.

Her mum Stacy Jefferson and dad Dwayne Barlow, from Cumbria in the UK, tried everything to remove the toilet seat.

Firefighters had to cut the seat off the toddler's head.
Firefighters had to cut the seat off the toddler's head. 

"I was in the front room with my little lad (Kara's one-year-old brother Roman)," said Mr Barlow.

"Kara went to the toilet by herself and when she came back she had the training toilet seat on her head.

"I tried to lift it off her but it was just not having it."

In the end, they were forced to take Kara (with the seat firmly attached around her neck) to the local firefighting station, they told the North-West Evening Mail. Kara was in good spirits and the firefighters thought it was a funny sight.

"A couple of them said it was a pretty necklace," he said.

"It was just a bit of a giggle and so stupid.


"I think she finds it funny. She keeps telling people about how she had to go to the fire station and laughing about it."

In one of the photos taken at the fire station, you can see Kara sitting happily with the seat around her neck wearing a pair of safety goggles.

Her mum explained how firefighters had to cut the seat to remove it from her daughter's neck.

"Dwayne and the firemen couldn't get the toilet seat back over Kara's ears, so they protected her eyes with goggles and used bolt cutters to cut it off," she said.

"She won't be doing that again, though she was not scared and found it all amusing."

It was not revealed how Kara was going with her toilet training. I wonder if the experience will help or hinder it.