The Wiggles' new song is here for your toilet training needs

The Wiggles new song is here for your toilet training needs
The Wiggles new song is here for your toilet training needs Photo: Facebook/The Wiggles

Pink Fong watch out - The Wiggles have released a brand new tune and it's not just catchy, it might even help you toilet train your kids. Hallelujah! 

Introducing "The Toilet Song", animated by Super Simple Songs and guaranteed to be your latest ear worm.

The song challenges kids to stay on the loo for the duration of the song, making it into a game.

 Are you sitting on the toilet? See what you can do. Now you're sitting on the toilet. You can do a wee or a poo.

Best of all, there's plenty of positive reinforcement and gentle encouragement for any littlies who might be anxious by the whole process.

Now try it. Do you feel it coming? Any luck? Oh, that's okay. Let's try it again.

It's certainly a ditty and a highly anticipated addition to the Wiggles' oeuvre.

"Parents have been asking The Wiggles for decades now to write a song about toilet training, as this is such a big issue in early childhood," says Blue Wiggle Anthony Field. "We know this song will make toilet training fun for children and be a help to those caring for them."

Over on Facebook, the tune is already scoring some solid five star reviews.


"My son won't go to the toilet any other way now. We've already learnt the words. Thank you Wiggles," said one happy customer.

"Worked a treat," said another. "Miss 2.5 loved it and asked after the song finished to go to the toilet . Great song guys . Love it."

Others, however, expressed disappointment that the tune arrived too late to help their kids out of nappies.

"I've been waiting for this since my daughter was 3," said one mama. "She turns 21 in a few weeks. Thankfully, she eventually figured it out."

The crew will debut "The Toilet Song" as part of their upcoming Wiggle Fun Tour in New South Wales, with tickets going on sale on Monday 21 January.