Parents place job ad for someone to toilet train their daughter

They want the job done ASAP.
They want the job done ASAP. Photo: Shutterstock

A busy couple has advertised for someone to help toilet train their daughter in time for Christmas.

Work commitments have made it impossible for the British couple to teach their own three-year-old to use the toilet, so they've decided their only hope is to pay for outside help to do it for them.

In a desperate move to get rid of nappies before Christmas, they posted an advert on

"We are a family of three that live in the beautiful county of Surrey with our dog Rex," the advert read.

"Both of us work full time in demanding jobs, and we have previously tried to toilet train her, but unfortunately due to our busy careers we've realised we simply do not have the time to do so.

"We are very conscious that our daughter should be using a toilet by now, and with the in-laws coming over for Christmas, I am desperate to get her fully using the toilet by 23 December."

They are offering to pay £50 an hour to do the job, which will be the sole focus of the position.

"We already have a housekeeper who takes care of our daughter day to day, but we would like someone to solely concentrate on getting her using the toilet," said the advertisement.

"We'd also like the professional to coach us on how to teach our daughter to use the toilet, so we can continue to teach her when they're not around."


And they need someone with at least ten years' experience in the field of toilet training, who can deal with difficult children, as their daughter "can be somewhat difficult and doesn't respond well to authority".

What they fail to understand is toilet training is something most kids will decide to do when they're ready. They also don't realise that all three-year-olds are "difficult".

Speaking from experience, of teaching three kids to use the toilet, toilet training can be tackled pretty quickly if the kids are the ones thinking they're driving the whole process.

Trying to do it when they're not ready, not keen or way too young just leads to much frustration and many accidents.

Hopefully, this pair finds the help they're so desperate for as it really can be a sh*tty time. I can only wish them and their typically "difficult" three-year-old all the best.