Diners outraged as toddler uses potty in the middle of a pub

Potty in the pub? People are not happy.
Potty in the pub? People are not happy. Photo: Getty Images

Anyone who has toilet trained a toddler knows that when a little one needs to go, they really need to go. But does that make it acceptable to whip out a potty in public?  

A couple dining in a pub in the UK have upset fellow diners, and the internet, by allowing their toddler to use a potty right next to their table.

A woman who was also in the pub saw what was happening and shared her outrage in a post on Mumsnet.

"Last night, having a meal at 7pm in a nice pub and a parent got their child to use the potty by their table," said the woman. "This is normal, is it?! Am I being unreasonable to be shocked by what I saw?"

Parents who responded on the thread were equally outraged.

"Gross and up there with changing a pooey nappy in your booth at a restaurant," posted one respondent. "Why not take the potty to the toilet and put the child there, they are learning to use the toilet, so parents should do that."

Another parent said they would have complained to pub staff. "Just repulsive. Also, why bother doing it since you have to take the potty to the toilet to empty it anyway?"

One mum added that it was the original poster's responsibility to report it. "YABU (you are being unreasonable) not to have reported them. If there are no social consequences, how do people work out what's acceptable or not? I'm fairly sure the 'nice pub' would have asked them to take child and potty into the loos."

But all agreed the practice was unacceptable, with phrases used including, "just vulgar", "they should have been thrown out", "utterly gross", and "so unhygienic".

The original poster then commented with more details about the incident, writing, "They had a potty with the liners so she tied the bag, then went and disposed of it. I thought about saying something to the staff or the people themselves – if it had been just our family I would have done. I was with my parents and I think they would have been uncomfortable if I complained. To make matters worse, the boy really did look old enough to be able to go to a toilet."

Other commenters said it should have been up to pub staff to take action.

"They could have gone over and had a word," said one, "Rather than turning a blind eye to a child taking a dump in the dining room while other customers are eating."