Best toilet training books for kids


Thinking about starting to toilet train your child, or are you already involved in the process? We’ve got some great books to help along the way.

These aren’t books for you though – they’re kids’ books. Written to help educate and entertain your little one as they sit on the potty, these books will help your child become more familiar with the idea of going to the toilet, what happens when they’re there, and how they are making the transition from nappies into being a “big kid”.  

It’s important to save these books just for when your child is using the toilet – they can be kept in a special place and brought out when you sit your child on the potty.

Click through the gallery to find toilet training books to suit every child. Whether they like rhyming books, something with a bit more of a story, or even books with sound effects, there’s the right choice to help you both on the toilet training journey.

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