'Am I doing it right?' Mum's hilarious potty training hack goes viral

Potty training and puppy pads.
Potty training and puppy pads. Photo: Facebook/Shona McLoughlin

When it comes to parenting milestones, toilet training is certainly one of the messiest - and most unpredictable. 

With that in mind, mum Shona McLoughlin made sure she was well and truly prepared for the wild ride of potty training her toddler daughter - and her hilarious "hack" has gone viral.

"Day one," the British photographer wrote in a post to her Facebook page last week. "Am I doing it right? "Do I just keep sitting her on the potty and hope she gets it?

"I have no idea what I'm doing."

But, as it turns out, Ms McLoughlin is actually hands down nailing it.

A series of pictures show her little girl standing beside a very fancy potty. So far, so good. When you look closer, however, you'll see that every inch of the floor around the toddler is lined with "puppy pads".

Yep, puppy pads.

Here's a closer look at this pure genius.
As you can probably imagine, commenters on the post are loving the very safe approach to the inevitable accidents.
"This will be me when I brave letting the boys run about without a nappy on," one mum said.
"This is ace... my two both shat on the rug way too many times," said another.
"This has amused me!" added another. "She will almost definitely find an uncovered spot to pee on!"
"Not when she's caged," Ms McLoughlin replied.
Another noted that it was the kind of thing that belonged in a museum of modern art. "This looks like some kind of weird art installation," he said.
The question is - did it actually work?
In an update, Ms McLoughlin shared that no, the pads hadn't yet served their intended purpose - but not because her daughter is a champion potty user.
"WE'VE GOT A HOLDER-INER!" she wrote. "Not a single accident. She just waits until I pop her nappy on while she's sat at the table eating, then tells me she's going and demands I change her straight away."
But the mama is undeterred. 
"Going to have to pad the dinning chair," she said. 
Whatever works, we say.