Where is Carrie Cat? App review

As ipads and other tablet devices become more ubquitous in homes, the app market has expanded to reach the tiniest inhabitants. Touch screens are scarily operable by one-year-olds, but the good news is that there are a range of educational apps - and even custom-made tablets - to suit them.

An Australian company, Paddle Duck learning, designs their toddler apps around the concept of seven pillars of learning, in collaboration with Annie Agnew, who has joined the company as Head of Learning Technologies.

 They've just launched an interactive story, Where is Carrie Cat? aimed at toddlers from 18 months.


The story introduces us to Paddle Duck and we join in his adventure to Gabbie Goat's farm. Agnewsays that the app  "is a compelling introduction to the world of reading, counting and adventure for young children. Opportunities to discover, predict and engage in song and dance are woven seamlessly into this first App from PaddleDuck Learning”.

We liked that the app featurea lots of sound, colour and interactivity and it's quite intuitive. Our three-year-old tester liked counting along with Paddle Duck and making him swim.

Look out for company's other app, PaddleDuck Color and Story, or see our gallery of baby and toddler apps, above.

Where is Carrie Cat? Is available on iTunes for AU $4.48.