What's On DVD October 2011

Cars 2 on DVD
Cars 2 on DVD 

This month we are watching Octonaughts: To The Gups!, Cars 2 and Davincibles: Scream a Little Scream.

Octonauts To The Gups!

Remember how James Bond’s villains always lived in really cool secret lairs?  Well the team of deep-sea cutesters who make up the Octonauts live in an underwater base, called the Octopod, which is scarily similar to the plush space world created by the evil Hugo Drax in Bond’s Moonraker.  It is hard to imagine any pre-schooler who would not want to suit up and spend some quality time exploring the Octopod.  But that’s where the similarities to 007 end.

Octonauts is a new animated series based on a collection of books of the same name.  The series follows the adventures of probably the cutest critters to ever set up shop deep under water – there’s Captain Barnacles Bear, Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and Medic Peso Penguin to name just a few.  They whittle away the hours dedicating themselves to their motto “Explore, Rescue, Protect”.  Which makes them a little bit like the cuddly 007s of the ocean floor.

There are seven episodes in this collection, plus a bonus “creature report” where Captain Barnacle Bear sings a report about a form of marine life.  I personally learnt a lot from his report into algae (for instance, ‘algae’ rhymes with ‘sea’).  It is hard not to love this series – cute and quirky characters, a good dose of fun and humor, adventure stories and an undersea fantasy world.  Just don’t tell Hugo Drax.

Cars 2

It’s a bit of a rhetorical question, but how good was the movie Cars?  Lightening McQueen burst from the screen as one of those characters that you knew would be an instant classic.  And he brought with him a stellar support crew led by tow truck Mater, Sally Carerra and the rest of the crew at Radiator Springs.

Five years later, and Cars 2 is now set to be released to DVD.  This time, Lightning McQueen and Mater are heading overseas for the first-ever World Grand Prix.  This opens up a world of excitement and intrigue, as Lightning McQueen and Mater have to run their own races through Japan and Europe while fending off international villains and helping out British spy Finn McMissile (played with a lot of style by Michael Caine).

Cars 2 is a nitro-powered sequel that will not only appeal to fans of the original movie but to any kid (big or small) that has a love of cars and adventure.  Just be sure to hold on for the ride!

Davincibles: Scream a Little Scream

Aimed squarely at the 7 to 11 year-old range, The DaVincibles follows the slapstick antics of the modern day DaVinci family as they explore the world for rare artifacts to sell in their uncle Leo’s shop.  But it’s not all smooth sailing – a crew of the most ineffectual villains known to man, known as The Society of Very Bad Villains (or “SVBV for those in the know), are constantly on their trail trying to upset their plans.

Headed by street smart texting pre-teens Pablo and his sister Zoe, together with their loveable but inept uncle Leo, the series tacks across the globe from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon Jungle to the pyramids of Egypt.  This is fast paced and high fun viewing which will keep primary school kids thoroughly entertained.