Turn yourself into a child's climbing gym with this wearable vest

The AthleTitti vest.
The AthleTitti vest. 

With three active boys, I would live in fear of my very life if I were to walk into the house wearing one of these.

Those more physically robust than me or with less children however, might find the Athle Titti a very workable product proposition.

The climbable vest is just a concept at this stage, an invention brought to life by Atsushi Shiraishi, a senior student at Tokyo's Tama Art University. An adult wears the vest, allowing a small child to climb all over using the sturdy ropes.

It's such a neat idea for those living in high density apartment blocks where children may struggle to get enough physical activity.

We'll let you know if the product ever becomes available - in the meantime,  keep using your local parks and playgrounds.