The Aldi feeding chair sending mums off their rocker

 Photo: Aldi

It's no secret that people love an Aldi bargain, whether it's ski wear, toys, kids clothes or the 3D printer you never knew you needed in your life.

This week though, it's all about the baby gear, with mums going mad for Aldi's $199 rocking chair. Featured in Wednesday 12 July's Special Buys catalogue, the nursery must-have, which also converts into a standard chair, swiftly sold out.

Blogger, The Mum Connection, who witnessed the mayhem firsthand, took to Instagram to regale her followers with the tale of her successful purchase.
"As a mum, determination and perseverance are two of my finer qualities," she wrote, "and I refused to leave without one of these babies."
Describing the scene inside as "insane," the Sydney mother shared that it was "on like King Kong," and a lot like "mums gone wild."
Mercifully, her determination and perseverance paid off.
Mission accomplished.
"The extreme measures I go to for things I want is actually unbelievable," she wrote, adding a snap of the huge box atop a trolley on her way home from the store.

Sooooo.... THIS happened this morning! & let me tell you, it was not as easy as walking in and choosing what I wanted. No no no. I arrived to @aldiaustralia bright & early before the doors opened and the line up was insane! As a mum, determination & perseverance are two of my finer qualities & I refused to leave without one of these babies. The doors opened and it was on like King Kong! There were people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. There was only FOUR chairs on the floor which I wasn't quick enough to get BUT LUCKILY I found an Aldi worker near the back dock & other people followed behind me. I LOCKED IN ONE OUT OF TWO, OUT THE BACK & I had an argument with a woman as she tried to explain why she deserved it over me: na-ah hunny! It was mums gone wild let me tell you. I then, put it in a trolley & wheeled it home - yay for my hubby being at work (luckily I don't live tooooo far). The extreme measures I go to for things I want is actually unbelievable, no gym for me today. My workout is done 🙌🏼 who managed to score one as well? 🙋🏽#aldiaustralia #specialbuysataldi #aldifinds #aldigram #mumsgonewild #aussiemum #mumlife #quoteoftheday #instamum #motherhoodunplugged #parenting #themumsconnection #instadaily #mumlife #quoteoftheday #instamum #motherhoodunplugged #parenting #themumsconnection #instadaily #bestofmum #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodrising #unitedinmotherhood #mumandmetime #supportsystem #womanpower #mumtomum #mumlifeproject #mumssupportingmums #positivevibesonly #instablogger #mumblogger #lifewithkids #sydneymums

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In a comment on her post, another mum shared a similar story of her successful chair acquisition, describing that it took a little creativity to get the baby good home.
"There is an Aldi near my work so I planned to get there before it opened to score the chair," she wrote. "Pull up right on 8.30 and it's CLOSED for renos!!!! Had to track back to the Aldi i passed 15 mins before ... raced in to get the chair, got the last one!! haha THEN.. it wouldn't fit in my car!! hahaha so I had to pull it all out of the box LOL.. Ended up being an hour late to work. Happy ending for me too.. but a stressful one."
While not everyone was lucky enough to score a chair, some parents aren't ready to give up on the dream of owning one just yet.
Mums and dads have since taken to Gumtree in search of a rocker - and willing to pay top dollar too.
Image/Gum Tree
Two chairs have also appeared for sale on Gumtree, asking far more than the original $200.
One seller was seeking $500 for the chair, in an ad that has since disappeared.
Image/ Gumtree.
While another is asking for $350 after discovering that the chair was too big for their nursery.
"After queuing for hours, managing to get a chair and actually bring it home in its enormous box, it is too big for our space," she writes. "So I am selling it and hey, my time and effort has to be worth something!!!"
For happy customers, it seems the effort was, indeed, worth it.
"I smile every time I see them in the play area thinking about the measures and efforts I took to secure them," one mum shared on Instagram. "Bloody aldi!"