SmarTrike Boutique: a great ride for your baby or toddler

Our young reviewer giving the SmarTrike Boutique a test (including the built-in phone!).
Our young reviewer giving the SmarTrike Boutique a test (including the built-in phone!). Photo: Supplied

We road tested the SmarTrike Boutique, the new model launched recently by SmarTrike, and we think it’s their best ever.

We found it very easy to assemble with no tools required (besides an allen key) – in fact, the trickiest part was trying to keep my toddler away while my husband was putting the parts together. He couldn’t wait to jump in and take it for a spin!

The SmarTrike Boutique is designed for babies from as young as 10 months right up to 36 months, as it can be configured different ways for different ages and developmental stages, and provides a much smoother ride than previous models. The best feature is that it steers just like a stroller with the lightest touch, so we found the trike very easy to manoeuvre with little effort. It’s not surprising that the Touch Steering technology is exclusive (and patented) to SmarTrike.

It’s a great option for getting around outdoors, and we’ve now started using it for quick shopping trips when we would normally use the stroller. My little boy actually prefers to ride in the SmarTrike instead of the stroller! The clever addition of a toy phone keeps him entertained, and the handy drink bottle holder is within easy reach and fits all standard bottle sizes. The seat is fully padded (with a washable cover) providing him with extra comfort. And there’s also plenty of storage for those quick shopping trips, with a large rear bag that hooks on to the handle.

Safety has been carefully considered: just like a stroller, the trike includes a foot brake, making it safer when stationed at traffic lights. It also comes with plenty of other safety features, including the shock-absorbing mechanism with built-in suspension, rubber wheels, safety bar, and harness.

The sun shade is a lot sturdier in the Boutique than the previous version. It features a canopy that extends into a curved position providing better UV protection while out and about.

Priced at around $199 at Toys R Us stores, we think the SmarTrike Boutique provides great value for money and can see it lasting our family for many years. It makes a great gift idea for kids from 12 months.  

For more information on the SmarTrike Boutique, visit the SmarTrike website. You can also watch the ad on YouTube