"Playing with My First Farm, we sang Baa Baa Black Sheep and pretended we were farmers herding our animals into the barn" ... Amity Dry

"It’s lovely to see his school friends working together to build castles and forts, imagining adventures" ... Amity Dry

LEGO DUPLO is one of those wonderful kids’ toys that are everlasting; a toy that brings back memories of your own childhood and invokes a nostalgia for a time before iPads and Xboxes.

LEGO DUPLO toys, introduced in 1969, are a product range by LEGO, and are designed for children aged 1½ to five years old. With the bricks being twice the size of traditional LEGO bricks, they are both easier to handle and less likely to be swallowed by younger children. I know I used to be fairly paranoid about wayward LEGO pieces when we had both a preschooler and an inquisitive crawler in the house, so LEGO DUPLO takes away a lot of that worry.

It is also one of those great toys that hold the same appeal for an 18 month year old as it does for a school kid, allowing them to play on the same activity, but at their own levels. 

We received some LEGO DUPLO recently, and it was a huge hit with both my six- and two-year-olds. It’s suggested as a toy for 1½ to five years, however they have a big box of it in my son’s R1 class at school and it’s a very popular activity. School pick up time usually involves him excitedly showing off the latest creation he and his friends have made, while making his teacher promise it will be there in the morning.

I love that this activity encourages both creativity and group play, where so many technological toys these days are solitary. It’s lovely to see his school friends working together to build castles and forts, imagining adventures and creating complex designs.

My two year old was equally enthralled when we received some new LEGO DUPLO products, and was happy to be her big brother's helper as she fetched him bricks. "Find me a red brick," he would say – and she would excitedly search through the bricks to meet his request. Those colour choices weren’t always correct, but this simple action was encouraging an area of development for her while entertaining him. Not that they knew that, of course - they were just having fun!

The My Firsts range consists of four play sets. Out of these we received My First Fire Station, My First Farm and My First Supermarket. You can follow the instructions or come up with your own designs. My kids combined a few packs to make their own little village, which they then placed proudly on the mantlepiece for all to see.   

It kept them amused for ages and I particularly liked seeing them play together, with barely a conflict to be had. If only every toy did that ...

I’d highly recommend LEGO DUPLO toys that tick a lot of the boxes, with only one suggestion – don’t step on the bricks!

For more information on LEGO DUPLO and the My Firsts Range, visit shop.lego.com.