Colin's Closet sells super cute bow ties and ties to give your kids that tailored look.

There’s almost nothing cuter than a little boy in a tie or bow tie. Trust me, I am qualified to say this – I’m a mum of three little boys and love nothing more than dressing them up as cute as can be.

Okay, my eight-year-old is very resistant to looking cute, but my younger two don’t mind a bit. In fact, my infant doesn't have a say at all ... which explains the bee suit in the cupboard.

Colin’s Closet makes ties and bow ties for snappy little dressers, so their dapper outfits will be polished to perfection. There are two sizes ('small' is for 0-2 years, and 'standard' is for 2-10 years), so it seems I may just rephrase the word cute to smart for my eight-year-old, then invest in a tie for special occasions and family photo shoots

Tie from Colin's Closet

Looking dapper ... Tie from Colin's Closet.

Ties are US$22; the neck strap is adjustable with Velcro, and the knot is already tied and stitched into place. 

Bow ties are US$20 and also feature a Velcro closure on the neck strap. 

Of course, safety should be front of mind when using these products.    

If you're looking for something made a little closer to home, check out Australian Etsy store BebeBouton for their adorable bow ties, and Piccolo Popolo's onesies with a bow tie sewn on, for sizes 0000 and up. 

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