New Wiggles night lights

Wiggles bed lights
Wiggles bed lights 

Tee-Zed Products is proud to announce a new range of Night Lights, creatively featuring our Australian preschool favourite...The Wiggles!

Perfect for all children’s bedrooms, the new range of night lights will look spectacular with any decor, colourfully featuring The Wiggles and Dorothy the Dinosaur! And as day turns to night, these lights make for an easy transition, helping to alleviate any angst and anxiety toddlers might feel at night time.

The Wiggles Battery Operated LED Magic Night Light (HW05)
This delightful light is both fun and functional. Switch it on when the room is dark and watch The Wiggles picture change to night time fun in the Big Red Car (always a great surprise). Kids just love the magical effects as it reminds them of all the magic and excitement of their favourite four, The Wiggles!

RRP $17.95

 For an even easier light up solution, try The Wiggles Neon Light....

The Wiggles Neon Light (HW03)

This Plug-In Neon Night Light is so easy to use - simply plug into a standard power point to provide a soft light. Brings comfort to small children and the Wiggles are always a hit with the pre-school crowd!
RRP $9.95.

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