New scooter changes with your child!


The new Grit Kidz 3 to 2 Alloy Scooter is so clever. Use it with three wheels when your child is learning to ride a scooter, then adjust it to become a two wheeler when they’re ready. Finally a piece of equipment with some longevity! This will be music to most parents’ ears.

These days it seems we’re always buying our children new stuff. They receive more toys in a year than we did throughout our entire childhoods.  In this disposable society it’s lovely to find something that will actually be used and loved for a long time. The new Grit Kidz 3 to 2 Alloy Scooter will last for a very long time.

Children tend to start scooting at around the age three. They still need a little help with balance at this stage so a three wheeler is best. Once kids reach about five years of age they feel confident enough to switch to a two wheel scooter. The Grit Kidz 3 to 2 Alloy Scooter is converted simply and quickly. The back two wheels are removed, the back tab is lifted and the rear single wheel is easily installed, as well as the foot brake.

The Grit scooter brand is renowned for quality.  These scooters are made from alloy making them strong but lightweight enough for little people to manoeuvre easily.  Proper ployurathane wheels with bearings make for a very smooth ride.

Safety was also key in the design of these scooters. The two wheeler comes with a brake which will be handy if your little one likes a little speed.  A handlebar safety pad also offers protection. 

The Grit Kidz 3 to 2 Alloy Scooter will be available in blue or purple fromRebel Sport and other leading toy stores from September. At around $69 for at least four years of use it’s very good value! And if you keep the parts this little beauty can even be passed back down to other siblings, just like the old days!