Millions of Monkeys: puzzles that grow with your toddler

The 8-puzzle Puzzle Grow Pack by Millions of Monkeys
The 8-puzzle Puzzle Grow Pack by Millions of Monkeys Photo: Supplied

Puzzles are many a child's favourite thing to do, but buying a puzzle for a toddler can be a little fraught when you want one that's age-appropriate and long-lasting. They'll tire of ones they can master too easily with no opportunity to expand the task.

In response, Millions of Monkeys creator Eloise Short has created the Puzzle Grow Pack to give some longevity to a gift for a child.

Although many of her products suit kids up to 7, Eloise saw the need to cater for toddlers from 18 months, with a unique puzzle set that will see them through various stages of ability and spatial awareness.

Dubbed 'The Unusual Suspects', the puzzle set features beautifully-illustrated, lesser-known native Australian animals.

They aren't just gorgeous to look at; they will challenge your toddler to seek more complex tasks within an already familiar context.


Starting with 6 two-piece puzzles, they then graduate to the three-piece and then finally to the four-piece puzzle - 8 puzzles all in the one set. 

Eloise says:

"My illustrations frequently use Australian animals but they are not kitsch nor are they designed just to look good. All my illustrations have an age appropriate narrative to foster imagination. I also use micro patterns within the designs where relevant, to aid in the puzzle building process."

Millions of Monkeys make other things too, which all make great gifts - there are puzzles for older kids, prints and cards, all ethically manufactured and delightfully packaged in sturdy boxes.