MIDA super soft jeans. Click for more photos

MIDA - Clothing for little Aussie blokes

MIDA super soft jeans.

  • MIDA super soft jeans.
  • Two styles; button waist or elastic waist.
  • Little fishman.
  • Spiderman returns.
  • Horsing around.
  • Hoot hoot, beep beep.
  • Choo choo!
  • Little surfer style.
  • Mix and match style.
  • Mida Hat!

While searching for some cool threads for my little boy, I stumbled across Mida, a boys-only brand catering for 1-6 year olds.

I love that Mida boys clothing have a childish look, designed to appeal to children. The pants are finished with train trims and the pyjamas are embellished with hand crocheted cars, owls, horses and trains to make for a sweet slumber. And the jeans, which are made of innovative material, are the softest, most comfy jeans I've ever seen …

There’s no rush to dress our children in more mature clothes. Let little boys be just that – little boys!

Simply shop at www.mida.net.au/shop.html