Just announced: the Mountain Buggy Unirider

The new Mountain Buggy Unirider.
The new Mountain Buggy Unirider. Photo: Mountain Buggy

Well, this is just a little bit nifty! In its first foray into the toy industry, Mountain Buggy has just announced the innovative Unirider.

UK dad Simon Langham wanted a solution for outings made difficult by his son, who no longer wanted to be strapped into his pram but who got tired after long distances. 

Simon thought a single wheel might appeal to a fun-loving, independent toddler, so the idea of a unicycle-style vehicle was born.

He made a prototype (below) from wood, a broom handle and a bicycle wheel and discovered that "the gyroscopic effect of the wheel spinning counter-balanced the weight of the child and stabilises the unirider."

His son absolutely loved it, so the Unirider began its journey to becoming a real product produced by Mountain Buggy.


(Above: the original prototype)

Aimed at kids aged two to five (depending on weight and ability), the distinctive yellow unicycle is made from a single 12-inch all-terrain tyre with parent handle, seat and foot holds.

You can jog quickly up the street, to the park and even do much longer walks, with your child as happy as a lark and feeling in control of their unique transport as you go.

If you pre-order now, delivery will happen in the last two weeks of May - just perfect for those jaunts with a discerning and mercurial toddler.

The Mountain Buggy Unirider is $119.95.