Because everyone loves a tea party: gender-neutral tea sets

There's nothing wrong with embracing, adoring and being passionate about the colour pink but there are many parents who want more colour options when they buy toys for their kids.

Many tea sets come solely in a pink colour option, so we decided to hunt down tea sets that are gender-neutral. Of course we support whatever your toddler or child is into; pink is grand and so are these gender-neutral options.

Tea sets are the quintessential toddler toy that lasts well into late childhood. A good tea set will see all of your children happily pouring 'tea' for many years, while practising their social skills.

Be prepared for a little spilt water here and there and know that you cannot refuse a cup from a 2-4 year old. Refusal simply isn't an option, so make sure that water is super-yummy as you'll be drinking most of it until a sibling or friend comes along.

Choose from plastic, wood, tin or ceramic styles and make their gorgeous tea party dreams come true.

Click through our gallery above to make your tea set selection, sans overt gender statements.