Babyology looks at the dreamy artwork of Nidhi Chanani

If you are looking for simply beautiful prints for the walls of a child’s room, I have found them.

The artist is Nidhi Chanani, born in India, but now residing in California. There are hints everywhere in her artworks of the influence of those two very different environments. Not surprisingly, her work can be found at that home of all things beautiful and quirky – Etsy. She is incredibly prolific and the few pictures I have room for here really do not do her work justice, but hopefully give you a broad feel.

The shop is replete with prints that evoke not just the beauty of those two environments, but also the relationships between friends and lovers, parents and children. They have a kind of innocent dreaminess to them which makes you feel that a great adventure might be just around the corner.

You can get more of a feel for her style at her blog, and then head over to her Etsy shop to see what’s on offer. Most prints are just slightly smaller than 35cm x 50cm and cost US$25.

Visit Babyology for more stylish modern finds for hip kids & parents.