Mum fears mother-in-law performed 'medical procedure' on son: 'It's impossible for it to have just happened on its own'.

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Meddling grandparents ...sometimes it's inescapable.

While it's mostly unwelcomed opinions or brusque reactions to parenting decisions, for one mum, her 'boundary crossing' mother-in-law has gone as far as trying to perform a 'medical procedure' on her one-year-old son.

The woman wrote to Reddit's Mother-in-laws from Hell to explain that her and her MIL have never had a great relationship. Saying she "has never liked me", and threw a tantrum when her husband told her he was proposing. 

While they've managed to co-exist despite this, the MIL's latest antics have the mum questioning the safety of her kids after a recent weekend visit. 

"We've had our fair share of issues and boundary violations over the years, and sometimes it seems like the relationship is improved, and then, another incident," she says.

"I noticed some irritation on a skin tag my son was born with when he came home. I didn't think much of it, because sometimes it gets scratched or snagged and then it's fine."

However when it started to change colour, she sought medical advice - which left her second guessing her MIL. 

"Today, the skin tag is turning purple and black. I send a photo to a nurse to see if I should bring my child in, and she asked if we had tied a string around it. (It has a very distinct line where it looks like circulation was cut off) We have not."

Asking her MIL the "the innocuous question" if anything happened to the tag while in their care, the grandmother did not take the question well.


"I also received a message from my husband very shortly after asking if I had asked them if they tied a string to it. I didn't accuse anyone of anything, I just told her what the nurse told me," she continues.

"Long story short, I hate to believe she would do something like this, but her reaction has made me think maybe she did."

The mum also shared that it had started to turn black and said it was impossible for it to have "just happened on its own". 

Many users sympathised with the mum's predicament, with many suggesting she take her husband with her to the doctor. 

"You need to get the doctor's office to talk to your husband so he realises what a big issue this is. Your child is not safe with the ILs. I am so sorry about this and am super angry on you and your son's behalf," wrote one.

Others said it was not so much the action as doing it without their consent.

"For me - it's not what she did - the string around a skin tag is one of the best and least painful methods of removal," wrote one.

"It's the fact she did it without permission, and had lied about it. Is not her decision to make."

However others argued it may have been an accidental mishap.

"It's totally possible that a hair got wrapped around it," said one. "I have a couple of skin tags and I've had my hair pull them or wrap around them. Looked the same way you described."