Karicare: Member review

My initial impressions of the product were quite positive. I have used the formula for my baby and I actually found it to be very easy to use and my baby thrived on it. The appearance of the tin is very eye catching especially the logo about the immunity benefits which are quite important to parents.

The product look smoother than the formula and when mixed does not froth up like some formula did, so it is very much like cows milk. It is very easy to use and the instructions are very clear.

I would recommend this product (toddler milk) as I have recommended the baby formula so it's a natural progression once the baby reaches 12 months. I also think the importance of the omega 3 is very important for parents to realise that an adequate intake at this age is critical for brain development. I think it is good value as the omega 3 is included in an adequate amount. The only problem is that a lot parents don’t see the value in that so they would compare it to regular cow’s milk and then it does not compare.

I also was very impressed by the clinical trial I saw in a GP magazine the other day and the results on the group that were on the Karicare and I think it was a decrease of 35% in infections versus the group not on the Karicare.

My daughter loved the flavour and drunk it without any fuss so I will continue to use it during these toddler years.

Tanya (Maroubra, NSW)