LEGO® DUPLO® bricks challenge imagination, foster creativity, and build confidence in young children.

LEGO® DUPLO® bricks challenge imagination, foster creativity, and build confidence in young children.


"Look what I did!" Achieving something and feeling proud about it is the strongest confidence boost there is. With the right bricks, you can help build your child’s confidence.

Research shows that children who are encouraged to use their imagination and express themselves creatively grow into strong and resourceful individuals.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to send your child to art school at age three. Creativity and confidence can easily be nurtured and developed in everyday life.

Open-ended play
One of the best ways to help your child build confidence is by providing her with toys that challenge her imagination and offer an open-ended play experience. Toys that can be played with in many different ways.

As grown-ups, its not always easy finding such a toy. But think “less is more”. There is a reason why a simple paint set or a box of bricks is valued highly amongst children: it enables them to play and create whatever they want.

Be creative with LEGO® DUPLO®
LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are one of the toys that challenge imagination, foster creativity, and build confidence for all young children. With DUPLO bricks, your child can build whatever she can imagine, including animals, houses, castles, own creations, etc.

Because LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are easy for small hands to build with, they allow your child to be creative from an early age. And the many ways of combining the bricks and building them into bigger creations ensure that your child will keep an interest and continue to develop her creativity for a long time. In short, with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, your child can stack her first tower as a toddler and move on to create her dream castle as a preschooler.

Building confidence
So how does stacking towers and building castles with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks make your child more confident?

You can tell just by observing. The intensely concentrated look when your toodler puts one brick onto another. The silent amazement, when the tower actually stands. Or when your preschooler yells from the living room: “Look, Mum! I built a big house. Call Dad!”

Having created a model by yourself sets off a great pride in achievement in a child. This, in turn, builds confidence and self-esteem.

Which brings us back to every parent’s hope of fostering strong and resourceful children. Luckily your child doesn’t see it that way. She just thinks that it’s fun to create things. But if you give your child the bricks to be successful at creating, you will help her grow into a confident individual.

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