When the things kids say come with a sting

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Sometime kids say they sweetest things, but mostly they just tell the truth as they see it without regard for social niceties or the feelings of others. 

One mum was a little hurt by such a comment when she shared the mortifying moment her 4-year-old asked why her tummy was so fat.

"Why do mummies have to have such huge massive fat tummies?" the woman's child remarked.

The upset mum asked others on Mumsnet to help her feel better by sharing their own experiences with too truthful kids.

"Please can you cheer me up with similar tales of child honesty???," she wrote.

And they did.

Here are just some of the hundreds of hilarious responses.

"My little cousin once asked me if I had chicken pox…nope just hormonal acne," said one commentator.

"Why does granny have a beard? I thought only men had beards," said another.


And this one: "Four year olds are brutally honest. My son said "you have big humongous wobbly boobies mum" and told my mum in a matter of fact way that she's fat. We're working on his filter."

Then there's the two-year-old who stared at her mum's upper lip, reached out and touched it and said: "like Daddy". And the three-year-old who described it's mum's boobs as "very long".

And these people also found out just how truthful kids can be.

This mum's child told her: "You have two smiles Mummy, one here (pointing to actual smile) and one here (pointing to the where chin meets jowly double chin)". The same child also asked: "remember when you used to be thin, Mum?"

Another child asked her mum why she had a brown hair on her bum, while in a busy toilet.

And this caring child told her teacher: "I've been very kind to my Mummy this morning because she is sad. She's got her period."

I've even got a couple of my own.

Once when wearing a brand new black and white top one of my girls remarked: "Wow mum, you look like a cow." I haven't worn the "cow top" ever again.

And the time my then four-year-old chose a long line in a Bunnings store to show off her perfect use of the f-word, after getting annoyed by many announcements over the loud speaker. "I wish this annoying woman would just shut the f*** up".

Kids. You can always trust them to speak the truth.